About the EDMist

The EDMist is an Austin-based dance music blog covering music and artists across the EDM spectrum from the fan’s perspective.

I strongly believe in the power of music to connect people. “The EDMist” refers to the study and celebration of the music as a community, lifestyle, way of thinking, and religion. Anyone who counts themselves as part of the EDM community is an EDMist.

About J.T.

Tahoe3J.T. Fales is digital marker, writer, and dance music fan. He fell in love with EDM in college during the early 2010s. In 2013 he moved from the East Coast to San Francisco, where he became enmeshed in the EDM scene, and soon started The EDMist. He moved to Austin in late 2015. J.T. has studied music production and enjoys producing as a hobby.

J.T. manages logistics and customer experience at a small e-commerce company. Previously, he was a Digital Marketing Associate for the largest independent book publisher in the United States. He specializes in social media. J.T. holds a BA in English and Linguistics from the college of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA, and studied at the Columbia Publishing Course at Columbia University in New York. You can follow his personal Twitter account @JT_Fales.

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