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The EDMist Podcast 05: EDM Podcasts Collide! feat. Tony N

In Episode 5, I interview Tony N, host of The EDM Talk Show. It was fun for me as a listener of Tony’s show to turn the microphone on him and learn about his musical background and tastes. As a new Texas resident, I’m still learning what makes each city here special, so I asked Tony to talk about the particular dance music scene in his hometown of Dallas. And since Tony leans much more towards the deep house and techno end of the spectrum, at the end of our conversation I asked him to share his experience of Movement festival in Detroit, a mecca for techno fans.

1. “Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)” – Calvin Harris
2. “Giving It All” – Bondax

The EDMist Podcast 04: Jayeson Andel Illuminates the World Behind Debut Album Urban Monks

In episode 4, melodic electronic producer Jayeson Andel guides us through the “organic-infused cyberpunk” world behind his debut album, Urban Monks. Released last year on Silk Music’s Arrival division, Urban Monks was named one of the 5 best albums of 2015 by The EDMist. It is a diverse work that includes glitch hop, trance, progressive house, and dubstep, and managed to crack the Beatport top 10 across five different genres. In this conversation, Jayeson lays out the concepts behind several tracks, which include visions of mechanized humans and artificial fireflies. He reveals the nuanced sound design underlying several songs, and explains how he builds his music for three dimensional journeys. Jayeson also names his biggest inspirations for the album and his music, which include both well-known producers and sci-fi films. And he answers the question of why none of the songs from Urban Monks have yet or ever will be remixed.

If you like Jayeson’s music, make sure to subscribe to Silk Music Showcase to hear his regular, genre-bending DJ mixes.

1. “Urban Monks” – Jayeson Andel
2. “Blue” – Eiffel 65
3. “Adagio for Strings” – DJ Tïesto
4. “Walking With a Colossus” – Jayeson Andel
5. “We’ll Build It Here” – Jayeson Andel
6. “Awe (Part I)” – Jayeson Andel
7. “Awe (Part II)” – Jayeson Andel
8. “Follow the Firefly Lanterns” – Jayeson Andel
9. “Drone” – Jayeson Andel
10. “Oil in the Veins” – Jayeson Andel
11. “Lucy” – Seven Lions
12. “Lose Sight” – Andrew Bayer
13. “Laughing Buddha” – Jayeson Andel

The EDMist Podcast 03: EDM in 2015 and Predictions for 2016

In Episode 3 of the EDMist Podcast, I talk with music critic Matt Bessey about the big stories of 2015. We discuss how Jack Ü, aka Skrillex and Diplo, reshaped the musical scene this year, and tackle the controversy surrounding their mega successful collab with Justin BieberWhere are U Now?” I ask Matt about the breakout artists of 2015, which he says include Lane 8 and Madeon (but you already knew that) , and he names a drum and bass album of the year: City of Gold by the PrototypesTowards the end we tackle the question of what genres will blow up in 2016 and where we see the EDM scene headed (hint: more diversity, which is a good thing).

This episode includes seven featured songs. They are:

1. “Blue Sky Action (Logistics Remix)” – Above & Beyond
2. “Beats Knockin” (feat. Fly Boi Keno) – Jack Ü
3. “Get Free/Cinema VIP” – Skrillex & Diplo
4. “Ok” – Madeon
5. “Urban Monks” – Jayeson Andel
6. “Slip Away” – The Prototypes
7. “Do You?” – TroyBoi

We recorded over an hour and a half of audio for this episode, which I whittled down to 34 minutes in the final cut. That means that people who follow The EDMist on Soundcloud may find some exclusive bonus content from the episode over the coming days. 😉

Let me know what you think of the podcast! Give us a shoutout on Twitter at @theEDMist or Snapchat at “theEDMist.”

Happy 2016!

The EDMist Podcast 02: EDC Las Vegas 2015 in Review ft. Joe Deza

In the second episode of The EDMist Podcast, I talk with Joe Deza, a raver, music critic, and friend, about our experiences of EDC 2015. Joe shares an incredible story of his last few moments at the festival, getting up close with Galantis as the sun rose over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We review our favorite sets and stages, and discuss our costume choices (and an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!). This episode is also a music special, featuring tracks from Seven Lions, Avicii, Galantis, Pretty Lights, GAIA, Adventure Club, and progressive house newcomer Alex Klingle.


The EDMist Podcast 01: EDC Prep and Meetups ft. Jon Guerrera 

For the first episode of the EDMist Podcast, I invited my good friend Jon Guerrera onto the show to talk meetup groups and EDC.

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