The EDMist Podcast Episode 05: EDM Podcasts Collide! feat. Tony N

When I began The EDMist Podcast, there was only one other “talky” podcast out there about dance music. It was reasonably titled The EDM Talk Show, and hosted by a Dallas resident named Tony N (later cohosted by Dee Cardier). Since 2015, our shows have existed in parallel, catering more or less to the same audience of dance music fans looking for a place to geek out and talk shop with other fans (although I have tried to carve out a different narrative space and style so we aren’t stepping on each other’s toes).

In Episode 5 of the EDMist Podcast, these two shows finally cross paths! Tony and I got in contact on social media a few months ago and developed an online friendship. Since we both live in Texas, we’ve been trying to get together for awhile. So when Tony got tickets to see Bondax play at Kingdom here in Austin, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a collab. He swung by my apartment to record before the show.

J.T. and Tony at the microphone recording episode 5

Tony swung by my apartment in Austin to record episode 5 of The EDMist Podcast back in August.

I think this will be a particularly interesting episode for regular listeners of The EDMist Podcast and The EDM Talk Show. It was fun for me as a listener of Tony’s show to turn the microphone on him and learn about his musical background and tastes. As a new Texas resident, I’m still learning what makes each city here special, so I asked Tony to talk about the particular dance music scene in his hometown of Dallas. And since Tony leans much more towards the deep house and techno end of the spectrum, at the end of our conversation I asked him to share his experience of Movement festival in Detroit, a mecca for techno fans.

I hope you all enjoy the episode as well! Let me know what you think on Twitter.

1. “Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)” – Calvin Harris
2. “Giving It All” – Bondax


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