Welcome to @theEDMist

I’m J.T., and I love EDM.

I’m starting @theEDMist as an outlet for my love of dance music and the scene that surrounds it – above all, the incredible community of artists and fans.

Dance music has given me much over the past few years. I’ve been introduced to many amazing people, including some of my best friends, through a mutual love of EDM. I have shared unforgettable moments with strangers and lovers under flashing lights, forged friendships in the early hours of the morning as giddy DJs played past their set times, and seen more acts of kindness and generosity between members of the community, at concerts and outside of them, than I can count.

@theEDMist is my way to give back to that community.

When I was first getting into the scene, there was a particular blog I got most of my music and news from. (The blog has since gone defunct.) It wasn’t a big-name music news site, and I didn’t read it for all that long – maybe six months. But that blog had a huge impact on me. It introduced me to some of my first loves in the dance music world, and some songs and artists I still listen to daily. At the time, I didn’t know anyone who liked electronic music, so this blog was like a friend to me who could point to what I should be listening to and who I should know. I hope that my blog can do something similar for those new to the world of EDM, those looking for a friend to help them find their feet as this scene continues to explode in popularity day by day.

As @theEDMist, I will post artist and song recommendations, my observations and opinions about the scene and the music industry, and content that I think would add value to the lives of my friends and fellows who are as passionate about music as I am.

I see EDM as an umbrella term that has come to refer to all genres from trance and house to dubstep, drum & bass, and beyond. Whether it is fair to group these genres under one name doesn’t really matter; the fact is that to most people, EDM is a broad category that includes these genres and more. It is in the spirit of this inclusive meaning that I embrace the term.

I also think EDM refers to a specific genre of electronic music, or at least an identifiable style or sound, the way New York refers to both a state and a city. This project is about the overarching EDM umbrella, not the mainstage sound that has become popular over the last couple years. We will certainly touch on that sound, but I intend for this blog to have a well-rounded focus that goes beyond the big room.

I strongly believe in the power of music to connect people. @theEDMist refers to the study and celebration of the music as a community, as a lifestyle, as a way of thinking, and as a religion. Anyone who counts themselves as part of the EDM community, in whatever form that may take, is an EDMist.

Thanks for being a part of this project. Let’s experience the music together.

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