The EDM Dictionary: Dub Mix (n.)


In dance music, a dub or dub mix is a version of a track in which the main vocals have been removed. This is also known as an instrumental version, especially in other genres such as pop music.

A dub mix played on episode 083 of Group Therapy Radio. Source:

A dub mix played on episode 083 of Group Therapy Radio. Source:

For example, in the track list of episode 083 of Group Therapy RadioJeremy Olander is credited for remixing Mendoza‘s song, “Love Druggie.” The term “dub mix” indicates that Jeremy has removed the vocals from this version of the remix.


Dub mixes are a useful tool for DJs to create mash-ups, since the DJ can put vocals from another song on top of the dub mix. Many longtime producers will mash up their own works by putting vocals from old songs on top of dub mixes of their newer songs as a way to please old and new fans and keep the music fresh. However, dub mixes may be enjoyed as finished productions in themselves, without vocals from the original or any other song.

As a side benefit, dub mixes allow other DJs (who did not produce the music) to extract the vocals from the original mix of the song through phase cancellation, creating what’s called an acapella. The DJ can then use the extracted vocals over the dub mix of another song to create a mash-up.

Dub mixes are usually created by the producer him/herself, as it is easy for them to do so from the original project file. It is possible to remove vocals from finished song files, but the process can be tricky and the quality of the final song will suffer.

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